American walnut real wood veneer on plywood Baltic birch.

Click on the cradle for a 360 degree view


White laminate on plywood Baltic birch.

Click on the cradle for a 360 degree view



The new twin version 2010




 There is a deviding wall to seperate the children when needed




Photo: Ellen Lande Gossner     360 d: Erlend Bakke





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 Frequently asked questions:


The cradle is designed for the bedroom at night, and for the living room during the day.


Like with all cradles, it is used from newborn stage until the baby is crawling or when the baby is able to pull up. Normally from 0 to 6 months.


The cradle is designed in a safe manner and will only have the ability to turn when one end is lifted up. An adult can stand in the cradle without tipping the cradle over.


The cradle is 43 inches long, and 25 inches tall. The matress measurments are 17 inches x 31 inches.

It weights 40 lbs.


The cradle rocks in a gentle and stabile manner, with very little effort.


The core is made of plywood Baltic birch with American walnut real wood veneer or laminated white or dark grey



Jury`s verdict


Here the jury sees a refreshing idea that has been embodied in good design. The so-ro is innovative in its class, both in terms of design and functionality. This represents completely new thinking in a market that is open to new solutions. There are many traditional cradles on the market and it is a positive thing that someone has made the effort to present something new.


A cradle is in itself a nostalgic item, but here this traditional piece of furniture has been interpreted so that it fits beautifully into a modern home. The double functionality is practical and the slightly asymmetrical position in the form of a slight tilting of the mattress is good for the child’s reclined position. The value of the so-ro is increased by virtue of it being easy to assemble, disassemble and store.


The contemporary so-ro cradle

designed with forward rocking movement - the most soothing motion for you child

According to research of the brain's interpretation of sensory input, forward rocking movement is the most comfortable and soothing motion for the baby

The best way to understand this concept is to imagine sitting on a swing. This is the most comfortable motion for a baby. When swinging in a normal rhythm, the brain registers this linear, forward motion as soothing. Traditional cradles utilize lateral motion, which stimulates the circular-motion portion of the brain and can lead to dizziness. The most sensitive babies can also experience reflux. The so-ro cradle's soothing effect helps babies fall asleep easier, which in turn leads to calmer and better-rested parents who increase their energy level for everyday living

The cradle is my first product in the so-ro series. The design focuses on the baby's comfort and development. so-ro creates products that form a balance between activity and calmness in the baby's first year. I am combining modern Scandinavian design with proper therapeutic function to create a product which forms a simple and harmonious life

Ane Lillian Tveit

Occupational Therapist